Between the sun that beats down on your garage and all the other local weather conditions, both the garage and the doors can look weathered and just plain bad. New garage doors are one of the best ways to transform the space, but it’s far from the other thing you can do. Discover some of the best and most fun DIY projects that are suitable for your garage and garage doors in Mission Viejo.

Add Some Paint

Breathe new life into tired and weathered garage doors with a fresh coat of paint. Look for colors that work with the shades used in your home. You might select a brighter shade that adds a pop of color or a neutral color to help the garage blend with your home. Popular colors include shades of blue, yellow, cream, and tan. Get the whole family involved in both picking a new color and painting the doors.

Seal the Floor

Instead of looking for garage door parts, focus on the floor. If you work on your cars or do other messy projects, the floor is probably stained and worn. Sealing the floor is a nice alternative to adding a new floor. Many stores sell the kits, but you can also find them online. You usually clean the floor and then add a layer of epoxy, which you then seal to the surface. One of the nice things about these kits is that they come in many different styles. Pick an epoxy with a metallic finish or one in your favorite color that has a matte finish.

Swap the Hardware

Why settle for the same old hardware on your garage doors in Mission Viejo when you can install new hardware in a few hours or less? Even if you have a garage door opener, you have some hardware on the outside. You might replace the metal handle that helps you lift and lower the door or the hinges that keep it stable. If you have a screwdriver handy, taking off the old hardware and installing the new parts is easy.

Create a Hobby Shop

If you have limited space inside your home for your hobbies, create the perfect hobby space in your garage. Do you love working on your cars, changing the fluids, and making simple repairs? Set aside a spot in your garage for all the tools and supplies that you need. The right shelves also give you space for other hobbies like creating woodworking projects or making metal sculptures. While wood shelving works well, metal shelving is more durable and may last longer.

Opt for Barn Doors

You have more options than just overhead doors. New garage doors also come in barn styles. While barn doors are popular in many homes, they are also quite popular in garages. A metal rod runs across the top of the entrance, with the door hanging from it. You might opt for a single-door or a double-door set. The doors slide open along the metal rod to give you access to the interior. Barn doors come in classic and run colors, too.

Install Overhead Storage

Make use of the space you usually waste in your garage with overhead storage. Many garages would benefit from the addition of metal organizers that hang from the ceiling. They don’t take a lot of time to install and require just a few tools as well as a ladder. You’ll find some special organizers such as those for storing bikes and others that give you more open space. Move cardboard boxes and plastic bins to your overhead storage to get more space in your garage.

Choose Carriage Garage Doors in Mission Viejo

Carriage doors are another nice choice for homeowners looking for garage doors in Mission Viejo. While overhead doors roll into the ceiling and barn doors slide open, carriage doors open in the middle. You simply grab the handle and pull to swing the doors open. If you worry that you don’t have the right tools or skills to handle the job, the pros are just a phone call away. They can even help you decide how many doors you need for your garage and assist you in picking a color.

Snag Some Cabinets

Do you need to make your garage more functional and get more storage space? Consider adding some new cabinets. An easy way to save money is with ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets. They come in flat packs that won’t take up a lot of room and are available in dozens of colors. Don’t just stick with cabinets that sit on the ground either. Get more storage with upper cabinets that hang on the wall. Add a fun and custom touch with cabinets in a unique color that have matching counters.

Hang Pegboards

Once you decide on new Mission Viejo garage doors, think about ways to get more out of your garage like the storage that pegboards offer. While most stores only sell white or brown pegboards, it only takes a few hours to paint them a new shade. Choose a bright color that you’ll love seeing every time you open the doors or use a series of different colors. Encourage your family to put things back the way they found them with painted outlines. Once you organize the boards and hang your tools, paint outlines around each one in a different color.

Color Coordinate Your Garage

Enjoy seeing all your favorite colors when you open your garage doors in Mission Viejo when you color coordinate. Decide what you want to store and use in your garage. You can then assign a color to each task. You might choose green for lawn and garden tools, red for car repairs and work, yellow for holiday decorations, and blue for clothing and other items you want to keep on hand. Buy plastic bins in each of those colors and get to work. You can even set aside the things you don’t want or can’t use to hold a garage sale later. Let your family decorate the bins with paint to show what is inside.

Transform Your Garage With DIY Projects

Why stick with the same old doors in your garage that you had for years and the same organizers inside? There are tons of fun DIY projects that you can do in a few hours. Transform your garage doors in Mission Viejo with any of these ideas. Call the pros before you begin to ensure that you’re not in over your head.