Do I Need Garage Door Repair in Mission Veijo for Crooked Doors?

Over time, your garage door can become misaligned in its track, leading to a crooked door that can catch or jitter when opening or closing. Depending on what’s causing the door to become misaligned, this could get progressively worse, leading to the garage door coming off the track altogether and needing to be repaired. There are a variety of things that can cause the garage door to become crooked in their track, and things you can look for to see where the problem is originating from, and if you’ll eventually need to look into garage door repair in Mission Viejo.

Check for Broken Torsion Springs

Garage doors that run up and along the ceiling of the garage rely on a pair of torsion springs in the opening mechanism to make sure there is proper tension running through the door and opening mechanism to keep the garage door opening smooth and steady. If one of your torsion springs is broken or has started to stretch and isn’t as tight as it should be, this can cause your garage door to sit crooked, even when it is fully lowered and resting against the ground. Thankfully, this is an easy fix for any garage door repair professional, and relatively inexpensive since it just involves replacing the faulty spring.

Ice in the Track

In the colder months, condensation from humidity can form inside the garage door tracks. If this condensation starts to freeze, it can obstruct the track and cause the door to go crooked once the door hits the frozen portion of the track. Depending on how bad the freezing is, this could cause the door to get stuck completely or come off the track, or in the case of doors with sensitives sensors, it could cause the garage door to get stuck in a cycle of closing whenever it hits the frozen piece of track. Keeping your garage insulated or heated can help prevent ice from forming in the track. If ice does end up throwing your garage door off of its track, your garage repair company can get it repaired or replaced if need be.

Damaged or Frayed Cables

Your garage door has cables that help keep the garage door stabilized as it rises and lowers. Over time these cables can become frayed and worn, ever so slightly changing the tension and length of the cables as they become more frayed. This can cause your garage door to end up slightly crooked. Frayed and damaged cables need to be replaced, and if the cable snaps it can not only cause issues if it gets tangled in the track but also throws off the support system stabilizing the door. Ignoring frayed cables will only make the door hang more crooked with time, and even risk the door coming loose and causing even more damage. If you notice frayed cables, it’s important to reach out for garage door repair in Mission Viejo and have the damaged cables replaced.

Damaged or Jumped Rollers

Your garage door has a series of rollers that run along the track, helping it glide smoothly as it opens and closes. Over time, these rollers can become worn and damaged, which can cause sections of the door to drag or get caught while moving along the track. This can make the garage door appear crooked if one section of rollers is moving out of sync with the rest. This can be even worse if the rollers jump out of the tracks, which can cause entire sections of the door to get stuck and stop moving entirely.

Debris Stuck in the Track

Over time, dirt and debris can collect inside the track of your garage door. This dirt and debris can cause the rollers to become skewed or stuck, potentially throwing the rollers off track or getting sections of the door stuck as it opens or closes, which can cause the door to become crooked. If you do find debris stuck in your track, don’t try to remove it yourself. You could end up causing more damage to the track, or the door itself. Call for garage door repair in Mission Viejo to safely remove any debris you may find stuck in your garage door track.

Damaged Track

Sometimes the garage door can look crooked because the track is either broken or loose. While a loose track can sometimes be an easy fix, a damaged track often needs to be replaced, especially if the track has become bent or warped preventing the rollers from moving along it properly and getting stuck. A warped or damaged track can also cause more damage to your garage door, especially if a set of rollers becomes completely blocked or causes a set of rollers to jump the track. This could eventually lead to a door that hangs in a dangerous position, or an unstable door that risks dropping or falling without warning.

Getting Your Garage Door Repair in Mission Veijo

If you find any problems or damage with the mechanism of your garage door, it’s important to have your garage door repaired. If you are looking for garage door repair in Mission Viejo, visit Precision Door in Mission Veijo for more information on scheduling an inspection and getting a quote for your repairs. Precision also provides other garage door maintenance and installation services as well, so even if the damage requires extensive repairs, Precision Doors has you covered. Don’t hesitate and call Precision Door today to get the process started.