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New Garage Doors Buying Guide

New garage doors are impossible to overlook. You can’t help noticing them each time you leave or return home. There is no doubting that a garage door highly influences the appearance of your home.

Garage doors might be the ideal way for homeowners to improve the appearance of their home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. However, garage doors are more than simply an aesthetic addition to your home. They also serve practical functions.

As a result, selecting a garage door is not an easy process. There are several aspects to consider while selecting the ideal garage door. It must be both functional and fashionable. It should also be long-lasting and complement your property’s architecture.

Here’s everything you should know to select the ideal garage door for your property.


If you are looking for new garage doors, you should start by considering how much you want to spend. Garage doors are available at a variety of pricing points. The more basic options will be less expensive than the more visually pleasing, insulated garage doors.

The average return on investment for a garage door replacement is 94.5 percent! In other words, the improved home value will recuperate virtually all the cost of a garage door replacement.

Determine the Size of Your Door

Another thing to consider when choosing a garage door is the size. A standard single-vehicle garage door is about eight feet wide and eight feet tall. A double-vehicle garage door is typically the same height as a single-car garage door but twice the width.

Of course, these are only approximations. You’ll need a higher garage door if your garage can’t handle a tall car. You may easily determine the size you require by measuring your present garage design.

Navigating New Garage Doors Styles

You need your garage door’s style to match your home’s style, so choose a garage door that does this. Whether you desire a classic design or something modern and sleek, you’ll be able to discover an option that fits you. You should contact a garage door specialist to discover which choice will complement your present style the best.

Based on the style of your home, you should examine the following three common garage door types to replace your present door:

• Traditional garage doors – These are the most widespread garage door type distinguished by symmetrical, raised rectangular or square panels. The standard panel door will add a clean, classic aesthetic to your house and may be customized with different color options.

• Carriage-Style – Instead of opening outwards, these new garages open up and down. Choose this style if your house is built in a farmhouse, bungalow, craftsman, Tudor, or Victorian style.

• Contemporary – These are elegant garage doors commonly found in high-end modern residences built in contemporary architectural style. A modern garage door will offer you the enhanced visual and practical curb appeal you desire.

Choose the Right Garage Door Material

Garage doors may be manufactured from a variety of materials, each with its set of benefits and downsides. Different materials will provide different looks while also varying durability and maintenance ease. The most prevalent garage door materials are as follows:

• Steel – Steel garage doors near me are the most popular since they are extremely durable, come in a number of shapes, have several color options, including simulated wood grain patterns, require minimal maintenance, and have an excellent guarantee! They also provide various types and levels of insulation to assist you in better controlling your garage’s temperature. While they require little upkeep, they are prone to dents if struck.

• Wood – Wood garage doors have a lovely rustic appearance, are simple to modify, and are quite strong. They are, however, more expensive, require regular upkeep, and are not as long-lasting as some other alternatives.

• Aluminum – Aluminum offers many of the advantages of steel, including a long-lasting solution with a number of coating options. It’s also less costly and lighter than steel. However, its lesser weight makes it more prone to dent.

• Fiberglass – Fiberglass garage doors are not a common type of garage door, yet they still look amazing. They may be painted in a number of colors and are simple to customize. They are, however, less resilient in cold locations and can readily fade from environmental exposure.

• Vinyl – These doors are an excellent choice for coastal areas since they do not corrode and are quite resilient, preventing dents and other damages. They are also simple to care for. However, you may have fewer design and color options in some circumstances, and the initial cost of a vinyl garage door is slightly greater.


Choosing colors and finishing is similar to picking a style. The color or finishing you select should complement your home’s architecture and give you the desired effect. If you wish to make a statement, go for a bright color. You should match the color of your door to other components of your home’s exterior, such as the trim or shutters. If you chose a wood or wooden appearance for your garage door, you could go for a satin finish instead. This may enhance the elegance of the grain while also darkening the wood.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Well-insulated new garage doors can keep warm air in during the winter and keep the chilly air out during the summer. Insulation reduces thermal energy transmission and drafts. As a result of installing insulated doors, homeowners save money on their air conditioning expenditures.

However, not all insulation is the same. Examine the door’s verified R-value. The greater the R-value, the better the functioning of the garage door – and the higher the energy efficiency.

Window Options

Another thing to think about is window choices. Some homeowners choose to have no windows for more privacy, although others may appreciate the visual appeal or additional light that windows bring. There are also several window alternatives, such as plain, frosted, or obscured glass, as well as ornamental inserts. Before making a final selection, consider your property’s style and how the windows will complement it.

Sun Exposure

If you live in a predominantly sunny area, the constant heat and sunlight may harm your door. Mission Viejo garage doors are not immune to fading due to sun exposure. You will become tired if you have a door that has to be painted after hot and sunny summers. You will be left with a possible eyesore if you do not repaint the garage door.

In addition to painting, doors may be subject to extra damage from UV radiation in sunshine based on the material used. Vinyl rubber seals that keep water and vermin out of your garage might become brittle after prolonged exposure to hot days.

Contact Precision Door of Mission Viejo for a New Garage Doors

If you’re looking for new garage doors and garage door repair in Mission Viejo, you’ll want to deal with a professional and trustworthy contractor. We will assist you in finding the ideal garage door for your property. We can help you pick and install the right door for your house. Please contact us for further information, and we will schedule time to explore your requirements and the solutions we have available.