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Garage Door Repairs in Mission Veijo for These Sounds

Most sounds your garage door makes aren’t strange or even unwanted. To some degree, your door will make a bit of noise as it properly functions. More so, without technical experience, many homeowners know when something isn’t right with the sounds they’re hearing. You can determine when to call for a garage door repair in Mission Veijo based on the way your door sounds. If you don’t know what each sound indicates, this guide will tell you. Just don’t let these warning signs persist without calling for help. Find a contractor if ever you hear the following.


Popping sounds, be they loud or subtle, reveal that there’s a problem with your door’s springs. Garage door springs are usually the first parts of a door that begin to malfunction. However, springs are extremely important in maintaining the balance of your door. When you hear popping sounds, it’s because the springs aren’t handling tension or stress as they should. When such springs expand, they might be forced to retrace faster than they can handle.

The Loud, Sudden Bang

A loud, sudden bang should always result in you calling for help. Bangs could result in traumatic injuries or severe damage done to your door. The force held in your door springs is explosive. There’s no way to visually see that type of force being held within the springs. Banging sounds that don’t get repaired increase the risk of your springs breaking loose. Based on your specific case, broken springs could be repaired or will require a new garage door installation.

Grinding Metal

Lubrication is required for two metal surfaces to safely meet together within the art of mechanics. At times, however, metal panels move where they don’t belong and come into contact with unlubricated parts. Dry metal surfaces create a grinding sound if pressed against each other while being forced to twist or turn. When this happens, you’ll also notice the scent of heated metal or metallic smoke. In other cases, the grinding is a result of worn-out plastics. Plastics will twist and turn into each other due to warping, which is what results in grinding.


Loose parts within your garage door will lead to vibrations, which can be identified by rattling sounds. This might not seem drastic at first, but one loose area causes another aspect of your door to also lose its tension. Every single bolt and screw in new garage doors help other parts of the door stay where they belong. Search for where the exact vibration is coming from. See if it’s high up on the door or farther down. Ensure that no panels are visibly bent, warped or twisted. The more information you can collect for your contractor, the better they’ll work.

High-Pitched Squeals

Overall, squeaks are clear signs that something in your garage door needs to be lubricated. The issue here is what. Though metal tends to be the culprit, you might find a need for garage door repairs in Mission Veijo due to hinges and joints. Lubrication is required in areas where panels and other parts turn or swing. These areas are constantly rubbing up against one another and, thus, create steady friction. Without lubrication, such areas will squeak or erode.


The right tension on your door opener’s chain keeps your door opener effective when it applies the right force in lifting or closing the door. This chain, however, can lose its tension and wobble about. This loss of tension is why you’ll hear slapping as the door opens or closes. The chain itself is just like a bike chain, so taking out a few links might solve the problem you’re hearing. However, that area where the chain came into contact with may also need repairs. If, for example, the chain had been hitting the ceiling, then repainting the ceiling might be necessary.


Unlike vibrating or rattling, rubbing sounds occur when door parts are too close to each other. These parts get pressed up against each other but to the detriment of the door’s proper function. All garage doors need to be calibrated because the tension in one area causes the door to feel unwanted stress in a different area. Panels in the door that have been misaligned can meet together and result in rubbing sounds. This rubbing will lead door panels to become wrapped, bent or twisted. Stopping that from happening may call for routine inspections.

Sudden, Consistent Bangs

The balancing act of a garage door is achieved in the act of counterbalancing. No matter where tension or force comes from, it needs to be countered. Counterbalancing keeps the door’s parts moving in unison. Instead of one side moving up or down faster than the other, each side should move as one unit. Bangs can be heard when one side moves faster than the other. In an effort to “catch up,” the lagging side is forced to violently jolt. If it does, a bang occurs as the lagging side “pops” into position. That damage will need a garage door repair in Mission Viejo.

Is My Garage Door Repair in Mission Veijo Really Necessary?

Identifying the issues your door has means nothing if you don’t take action. The choice of inexpensive repairs versus costly installations is based on your decision to act now or delay. The warnings listed above will help. With them, you’re equipped to know when a contractor should be called.

Calling for the Right Reasons At the Right Time

The last thing homeowners should do is allow for more time after they hear unwanted sounds. It takes little time to speak to a contractor about what you hear or see. Even if your concerns are proven unwarranted, it costs nothing to talk with a professional. Before simple issues get out of hand, reduce the potential costs by letting a professional know. After a simple inspection, contractors can fix your problems in less time than it took for them to arrive to your home. Rely on the warning sounds listed above. If you uncover them, be careful with your door, and ask for help.